Marek Walczak

Profesional sales management

Effective sales means customer satisfaction rewarded with high profits. Therefore, there is a constant search for ways to increase sales efficiency.

Companies accumulate unique experiences and build business models for years. But sometimes they don't see something.They become overly attached to what has worked in the past or works for others. Usually, they are close to becoming truly successful.

Then you need to invite someone from outside the organization to cooperate.This gives a chance for an effective course correction.


about me

Since 1992, I have been professionally associated with the IT industry. I played various roles in it, a programmer, project manager, team manager, CIO, Shared Services Center Manager, CEO and co-owner of IT firms. I have also founded a large industry association. Finally I have managed sales teams being a salesman myself. This cross-cutting experience has taught me that there are no ready-made solutions. There are tools, good practices and competent people, but making it a well-functioning organization is always a challenge that requires an individual approach.

Marek Walczak

This applies to large and small organizations, but the small ones face more constraints and paradoxically are more difficult to manage.



Sales must be managed. How to manage is a question that can be answered in many ways. How to find them in the maze of available methodologies, practices and tools? What to choose, how to implement, how to settle salespeople, how to increase the efficiency of activities? 

These and other questions are asked by every entrepreneur and sales director, regardless of the scale of the enterprise. I help answer them.

Development and implementation of sals strategies.

Execution of sales, sales outsourcing.

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